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July 2018 

Posted by The Quilted Trillium Admin Tuesday, June 26, 2018 10:55:00 AM

July.  I love July.

My sweet little granddaughter turned 21 July 2nd.  How did that happen so fast?

If anyone is interested...I have  2 openings for a private raw-edge applique class in my home Thursday July 26 from 2-6 pm.  $55 includes dinner.  Let me know soon.

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is July 14. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself. We’ll have our booth set up next to Dixie’s Western Wear at 100 E Cascade Ave in the heart of the action.  Stop by and see our new products and enjoy our AC. If you remember from last year, our AC looks like this.

This is a short blog. Feel free to comment so I know what issues exist with this blog format. Such as, can you even comment easily?

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and hope to see you soon.

Keep Stitchin'    Dee

June 2018 

Posted by The Quilted Trillium Admin Sunday, June 3, 2018 1:21:00 PM

I've been really busy lately and it makes me wonder how I did all this when I was working full time. I love designing patterns and bringing them to shows near you and having them available on my webstore for those who are out of state. I feel very lucky to have you as customers who still support me every now and then. But I realize to continue I need to work a little harder at gaining some new customers also.
My first idea to accomplish that is to get my patterns picked up by a distributor that will make them available to stores across the country. A couple weeks ago I attended Quilt Market in Portland. I went booth to booth with a dozen of my best samples and talked to store owners as well as distributors. A very difficult and humbling experience for someone who has trouble tooting her own horn. (That's Robin's job. Love you girl.) But I muscled through it and by the end of the weekend a several of my designs were picked up by a couple distributors and I got one "don't call us until you're somebody!" Ouch. All things considered, I was pretty pleased.

The second idea is to switch from my email newsletter to a blog and I'll tell you why. A newsletter does feel more like a personal letter to each of you who decided to enroll and I love that. But it's usually a one way conversation. I do get some wonderful responses, pictures and ideas from time to time. But the rest of you never see those things. A blog, would allow you all to see the responses and interact with my other readers.  I trust you to be kind and supportive of each others posts and hope that we don't attract any trolls who might ruin it for us. I will continue the newsletter for a few months but it will only remind and redirect you to the blog.

Undercover Quilts, owned by Linda Hitchcock, is a great little quilt shop downtown Seattle at 1st and Virginia, just a block up from Pike Place Market. Linda not only picked up 12 of our designs, but, is borrowing my samples to have in her shop through Shop Hop and the start of Row By Row. That makes me happy.

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